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Emotions are the GPS of Your Soul 

Here's some truth.  

You’ve got so much to offer! ...and holy crap, you know it!  

 And, here’s some more truth. You can, sometimes, once in awhile, actually doubt yourself. Gasp!

In one moment, you’re inspired, and believe with fiery conviction, that this time, you’re going to really do it -- lose the weight, start the business, write the blog, de-clutter your house, start saying no -- and before you know it, a little voice jumps in, starts making excuses why you can’t, and just like that, you’ve lost that inspiration like a deflated balloon. 

I get it! 

It’s the battle of the heart and the head!

Your heart knows what your true desire's are. Whether that’s building a children’s hospital in a war torn country, buying tickets to go overseas with your family, starting the business you’ve dreamt about for years, asking that guy/girl out, writing that book, or taking those boudoir pictures you never thought you could. (Hey, the heart wants, what the heart wants).  

...But the head gets all logical on us!  

It suggests -- No! It Declares -- that your ideas are way too risky and kinda ridiculous, so why even try.  

Here's the question you want to ask yourself... Which one is leading you...Your heart, or your head? 

Well, let's see... can you relate to anything below?  

When Your Head is Leading :

  •  You're frustrated about making the amount of money you've been making, but don't feel motivated to do anythig about it.
  •  You feel stagnant and bored at work.
  •  You're tired of saying sorry, when you don't really mean it.
  •  You're frustrated by NOT being financially independent. 
  •  You're tired of having BS conversations, that leave you feeling empty, and drained.
  •  You don't trust yourself to make the "right" decisions.  
  •  You let your weight on the scale control how you feel.
  •  You feel like you have to do everything yourself because you can't trust anyone else to do it the 'right' way.  
  • You have a desire to grow your business, or start a business, but don't know what steps to take.  

It's about Doing Less & Feeling More!

You need to get better connected to your emotions, ASAP!  


You see, you’ve spent the last years / decades figuring out how to be a good adult. -- You've got it all handled. You've got a plan. You can see how it’s all gonna unfold.....Blah blah blah.  

You need to stop being so logical, like my video mentioned, above. 

Your logic is when your head takes over. I know your logic has contributed to you making sound decisions, and has helped you feel safe and secure, and it's gotten you where you are in life, pretty well, thus far, but....  

Let's go where you haven't been able to go before. Let's create the things you haven't been able to create, yet. 

Sound exciting? Scary? Maybe a little of both. That's pretty normal. want to know how to go where you haven't gone before?

You need to listen to your heart! Wait. Read that again.

And, -- cue my slogan -- you need to Do Less and Feel More.  

Operating from your heart requires you to be in touch with how you feel. This is where your desires live. This is where life feels easy, joyful and miraculous. 

When Your Heart is Leading :

  •  Your relationships are genuine and fufilling.
  •  You feel clear and confident when making decisions.
  •  You say what you really mean.
  •  You're paid to do what you are passionate about.
  •  You spark conversations that are inspiring and creative.
  • You trust your intuition.  
  • You feel peaceful and empowered with your physical appearance.
  • You ask for help when you need it.
  • You are able to grow your business the moment it feels stagnant. 

The Feminine is Rising


This is such an exicting time to be alive!  

We, the feminine, are stepping back into our power it used to be hundreds of years ago. 

This cycle finally has returned! ... just like all cycles do. (You know, just like we've seen the bell bottoms, the afros, and the platform shoes come back... And we all can recall how the stock market & real estate markets crash and boom, Right?!) I mean, did you check out Wonder Women? It is no accident this movie is out... It embodies women in their power!  

We may not understand what we are feeling with this change, but our desires are calling to us! And this time around, ignoring them seems to cause more sufffering than it ever did before. We can feel our power stiring inside of us, and we are looking to see how we can express it.  

We are on the brink of literally stepping into the next best version of ourselves.

This is the reason this Leading Edge Masterclass program was created. It's to guide and support the change we all are going through. 

And I tell you this, whether our program is the best fit for you, or not – the time to address these feelings, and do something about it, is now!  

You probably nodded to a couple of those points, mentioned above where we listed what you can create when leading with your heart.

Here's the thing... when you remember that silly bullet list above, in a week, a month, or even a year from now, you don't want to be asking yourself why you didn’t do something then...  

...So, do something NOW!  

There is too much Power, too much Creativity, and too much Love in YOU to ignore it! 

Your life, the difference that ONLY YOU can make, is too valuable and important to put this off.

Leading Edge Masterclass

We coach and mentor women &&entrepreneurs who are stuck... stuck in a relationship, a career, a physical appearance... Basically a paradigm that has them feeling frustrated, depressed, unfulfilled and stagnant.  

You know you can have something more...AND are finally ready to take NEW action allowing you to CREATE on DEMAND the things you’ve been daydreaming about for years, maybe even decades.  

And guess what? -- it's NOT about taking on more things to do. 


It's about Doing Less and Feeling More. I know I say that a lot, but many studies have shown that the average human has to hear something seven times before it sinks in... and I am committed to you getting it!  

I bet you've never been encouraged to Do Less and Feel More before. Matter of fact, we have been taught the opposite.

"Work harder!"..."Don't cry!" ..."Suck it up!" ..."You're too sensitive!" 

We learned to push it down, minimize it, numb it out, justify it... 

We do anything we can to distract ourselves from how we're feeling.

This is a Whole-New-Way to operate in life. Slow down and actually feel! And that's why this is a Leading Edge Masterclass. 

This Masterclass is for the people ready to walk on the leading edge. The ones that are thought leaders. The ones blazing new trails and looking for the tools on how to do it.  

Are you Intrigued? ...Bored? ...Irritate? ...Fascinated?  

What are you feeling right now, as you read this? (Really, stop for a moment to get present to how you feel right now) 

This feeling is a direct communication from your soul.

If you are feeling bored and irritated with what is being said, and you feel this isn't for you. Great. Your feelings are letting you know. 

However, if you are interested and intrigued, keep reading. I invite you to set up a breakthrough session with us. Don't leave this page before you do. Trust how you feel.  

This Leading Edge Masterclass program will teach you how to feel your feelings and know it is safe to feel them.

It is your ticket to creating the things you most desire in your life. It's the missing piece.  

Discovery Sessions

When was the last time you spent an hour with someone who can see you greater than you can see yourself? ...Someone that can shine a light on blind spots that hold you back, that you've never seen before... Someone who sees all of your successes, and knows what you are capable of. 

This is what it is like to have a coach/mentor.  

Seriously, spending time with someone who looks for why you're great vs. what you're limited by...Priceless! 


Because you are capable of way more than you realize! When you hang around people who believe in you beyond your own belief in yourself, it creates space for you to expand.

In your breakthrough session, you will be given an opportunity to express your current life situation, and what you are looking to create in your life. We will provide insight and clarity by getting you in touch with the impact of your current situation; make sure we are clear on where you want to go, and then decide what's the next best action to take, to move you forward.

We will figure out together if working with us will be a good fit, or not. If our program is not best suited for you, we will make recommendations on what could be a better fit, because we are committed to your success. Ultimately, your success is our success.  

New actions are the only way to produce New results. Click Below.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Tell me more about the Leading Edge Masterclass. What can I expect?

Here’s how it works …  

You will schedule a discovery session. 

At that time, you will be requested to fill out an application for us to better understand you and your needs. 

In your discovery session, we will get clarity on what your situation is, what's working in your life and what isn't. We will make sure we are clear on what you are wanting to create. Then we look to see if our program is a good match for who you are and what you are needing. We will then determine if we feel our program is a good fit or not. If we feel that our program is not a good fit, we will offer other recommendations so you will know where to go next. There is no cost for this session.

Once you are accepted into the program, you can expect the following 8 weeks (length of the program) to be like an exciting rollercoster.  

This Leading Edge Masterclass program will expand your awareness guaranteed! This expanded awareness will give you access to feeling better, thinking differently, which will give rise to new actions. This will directly impact your every day life experiences.  

There is a weekly action plan that will help guide and keep you on track to implementing what you are learning. Once you are 100% committed, the structure in place, we will hold your hand all the way through the program.

What can you expect working with a coach/mentor? 

A coach will ask you questions so you can begin exploring, experimenting and learning new ways of thinking and doing. A coach focuses only on possibilities. They provide a space for you to know yourself beyond your limitations.  

A mentor brings you NEW ideas, and offers accountability.  

A GREAT mentor, in addition to the above, will also give you access to others that are creating, as you are. You can build off the momentum of others. It's called a mastermind. This can multiply individuals actions and effectiveness. 

This is how our Leading Edge Masterclass program is designed. We provide a structure that utilizes coaching / mentoring in a mastermind enviornment.  

How is the Leading Edge Masterclass program set up? 

It is an 8 week program. There are 2 calls per week. If you can't make a call, there will be recordings that you can go back to listen to. There is a very user freindly application that you can download to your phone or computer. These calls can be done where ever you happen to be in this vast world of ours. 

There will be 8 distinctions taught throughout the program and a weekly action plan to practice what you learn each week. You will be given tools to continue to use after your completion of the program.

How do I know the program will work for me?

First, you must have a BURNING DESIRE to want your situation to be different. You're not just in the inquiry about, " could it be different". You've been stuck feeling this way for far too long, and you're READY to do what ever it takes for your situation to change, even if that means stepping out of your comfort zone. This is a key indication that the program will work for you.

If you are unsure if you have a "burning desire" ...don't worry. This is what our application process is for. Our application is designed to help make both youself and us aware, if you truly are ready to make the changes neccesary for your situation to shift. We are confident that if you are invited in to our program, it will work for you. 

If you made it this far down our page you must be interested. Take a NEW action. This may be life's way of interrupting your current routine. You didn't know you'd be here on this page reading this, but sometimes the things that are least expected can make the biggest difference!  

Click below to get scheduled for your free discovery session right now See you on the call